How can I access binary data in the Quix portal?

I’m streaming audio to Quix. I would like to verify that Quix platform is receiving that data. What is the best way to do this? Data explorer, I think, used to show binary data as a base64-encoded string, but I can’t see that option anymore.

One way you could verify it is by using the live data explorer. In the live data explorer switch to ‘Messages’. You’ll be able to see the message size there. We’re not showing the messages themselves here, because it could be nearly any size, considering the binary nature of it.

I realised this might not be what you’re looking for, I believe the binary display got reduced in UI in order to avoid UI freezes. Maybe it is something that can be added back at a later date. Meanwhile you could always write a small little service which reads it from the topic and prints it to console or upload to an blob storage.

Another way you can do it is through the telemetry query swagger once you have the stream persisted. The UI doesn’t currently support rendering the binary due to some performance implications we’ll likely work around at a later date, but until that happens you can use the swagger.

To get the swagger address to your workspace, do the following:

Once there, do this:

The downloaded zip should look like this:

Hope this helped!


Thanks for the very thorough explanation! Showing the number of bytes in the message view is very helpful. Together with the swagger option, this resolves my issue.