Stream Processing Meetup Berlin 9/5

Join us on Tuesday, May 9th for an evening of talks and conversations about Stream Processing. We’re hosted by the good people at Trade Republic

Stream Processing. My Journey to Hell and Back - Amsterdam Lima, Senior Backend Engineer at Trade Republic

In this talk, Amsterdam Lima will share his personal journey of grappling with stream processing. He’ll reveal the challenges he faced and the numerous mistakes made in the hope to help software engineers new to building real-time data applications.

Simplifying Real-Time ML Pipelines with Quix Streams: An Open Source Python Library for ML Engineers - Tomas Neubauer, CTO Quix

As data volume and velocity continue to increase, the need for real-time machine learning (ML) is becoming more pressing. However, building real-time ML pipelines can be complex and time-consuming, requiring expertise in both ML and streaming application development.

This talk will address this problem by introducing Quix Streams (GitHub - quixio/quix-streams: Quix Streams - A library for telemetry data streaming. Python Stream Processing), an open-source Python library that makes it easy for data scientists and ML engineers to build real-time ML pipelines without having to learn the intricacies of building a streaming application from scratch.

In this talk, we’ll cover:

  • The growing importance of real-time ML in today’s application stack, and the use cases for real-time ML processing.
  • A comparison of different ML architectures (batch, request-response, stream, and hybrid) and their pros and cons
  • The current state of streaming architecture, which is typically Java-based, and the challenges this poses for data scientists and ML engineers who primarily work in Python
  • An overview of Quix Streams and its features, including a demo of how to use it to build real-time ML pipelines

This talk is relevant for data scientists, ML engineers, and software engineers who are looking to adopt new technologies and practices in order to build real-time ML pipelines and stay current in their field.

Jan Mensch - RisingWave Software Engineer TBC

Full talk details to come.

If you’re interested in speaking at or hosting a meetup, get in touch -

This meetup is sponsored by Quix, a platform for building real-time applications and the company behind Quix Streams, an OSS library for telemetry streaming - GitHub - quixio/quix-streams: Quix Streams - A library for telemetry data streaming. Python Stream Processing

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