Why is my TimeseriesData showing as ParameterDataRaw


I’m just wondering why what I thought was TimeseriesData is showing as ParameterDataRaw?

The topic I opened is not a raw topic:

# Open the output topic where to write data out
topic_producer = client.get_topic_producer(topic_id_or_name = os.environ["output"])

The IDE flags my data as ParameterDataRaw. Why is it not displaying as TimeseriesData? Here’s the screenshot:


Hi Tony,

I believe this is a leftover from previous naming convention.

As part of the 0.5.0 release we’ve made some renaming. You can read in detail about that here. What you’re highlighting here is that the UI hasn’t caught up with this change and this also applies to the streaming-reader. We have some internal tickets to rectify this, but will likely come as a versioning to streaming-reader to ensure backward compatibility as much as possible.

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